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Gina's Gem Creation Treasures

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GGC's Beginning Beaders


Gina's Gem Creations

Also featured are kits of her original designs, Toho Seed Beads, custom bead boxes and hand made Jewelry.


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GGC Treasure Bags,
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The GGC Treasure bags are a limited edition curated collection of beads and components offered bi-monthly.


They are not offered as a monthly subscription and sell out quickly when released!

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Treasure Bags

Introducing The Treasure Bag! This is not a subscription bag, it is a limited edition curated box offered bi-monthly.

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Chain & Findings

Here you will find a variety of chain and findings in a variety of metals and tones.


Findings include components, clasps, connectors. Pinch bails and the basic necessities to hold your designs.

Stash Builder Bags

Here you will find, what I am calling, Stash Builder Bags. These bags are designed to help build your bead stash.

Stash builder bags.JPG

Gina's Original Jewelry

Here you will find pieces made me, Gina.


These are original pieces done during the process of making YouTube videos, or pieces I have made exclusively to sell for those who have requested a place to purchase my jewelry. 

Pendants & Cabochons

Here you will find Pendants and Cabochon Focal Components in a variety of materials, sizes and metals and metal tones to enhance your designs.


The stock changes often to offer new inspiration to build your designs from.

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Bicone Beads

Bicone beads are double pointed on either side. Generally, they are made of glass or crystal.

Toho Seed Beads

Here you will find glass seed beads for your woven designs, Toho seed beads are Japanese made seed beads and as such are very uniform in shape and size.

Round Beads.JPG

Round Beads

Here you will find round beads in a variety of sizes, materials, finishes and facets.


They are composed of glass or crystal and offer a classic bit of sparkle or luster to both woven and strung designs.

Rondelle Beads

Rondelle beads are a round slightly flattened shape.


They are generally made from glass or crystal and come in a variety of color and sizes, from very small to very large.

Rondell Beads.JPG

Specialty Beads

Here you will find unique beads that really do not fit any of the categories I have created, but are favorites that I couldn't resist listing for you, to also, fall in love with.

Cube & Cuboid Beads

Cube and Cuboid beads are just that, cube shaped beads most often made of glass or crystal. Cuboids are more rectangular and can be faceted with rounded edges.

Cube and Cuboid beads.JPG
gemstone pic 2.JPG

Gem Stone Beads

Here you find Gemstones of many sizes, shapes, types and grades of gemstone Beads. Gemstone beads can be in composed of many grades of stone, they can be natural or dyed and heat treated.