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Hi everyone, still working on the technical and business side of the website. But, I am getting things managed.

Now, I will start putting some products up. My big idea to start with is Stash Builder Boxes and Bags. I have some beautiful vintage Czech beads, lots of glass pearls and crystal, that I ordered a few years ago when my intention was to start a website with kits, beads and jewelry.

Unfortunately, my husband died that year, and needless to say, all my plans changed. I moved to Colorado and had to work a full time job. My youngest son was still in high school and soon on his way to college. I moved into my mothers home after selling mine in Nebraska. The basement is a functional apartment. Financially, this was a big help. So, I have been here, working at a dental office and designing and making videos. It’s been good. But when youre all warm and cozy, change creeps in like a masked-mad-man and bashes you in the head with a baseball bat, and it did. My mother has been diagnosed with Leukemia, it was a very heavy blow.

I have had to take a leave from work to help care for her, which I do not have issue with. I would do it even if it meant I lost everything. But, I have A plan.

Because, I am not working outside the home at this time, I have decided to move forward with the plans I once had, to have a beading related business. In hopes to stay home with my mom, help her, take her to transfusion and chemo appointments and continue to have an income. This is what I am now attempting to Do.

I have had many “pull my hair out“ moments. I may be bald soon. Only I, would decide to add stress on top of a stress pile! You know, I love embellishments! Ha! But, I think it’s coming together slowly.

Anyway, I need to clean out some of the older store of beads, that were intended to be sold years ago, to make room for my new store. So, my thought was to put together some, one-of-kind, stash-builder boxes, with them. Most of the bags and boxes I put together will be a one box collection. Some, I may duplicate, if I have the beads to do so. They will be designed to help build a new, or perhaps, even an established Beaders stock of “go to beads.”

I will put together boxes and bags that will cater to either stringing or bead weaving. These are all New Beads, still on strands, or in bags. Not old, jumbled up bead mixes. I will offer an abundant amount for a very reasonable price. I will offer them until my stock runs out.

I will include a picture of one of the smaller batches I have put together, here in the blog. The strands are very long strands and have many beads on them. Usually these strands are broken down into smaller lots to sell retail. So, though it might not look like a ton of strands, it is a lot of beads.

I am writing this and posting the picture to get feed back, before I pack and list bags and boxes. Suggestions are requested on how to improve upon my idea and end product. I will price according to the size of bag or box. The sample in the blog picture is a bag, a smaller batch. I am pricing it at $25.00. what do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea? please let me know. I want to offer you something no one else is doing. I am going to make some vintage boxes too. Not with old, ugly beads either, LOL. They will have Czech glass beads that are hard to find nowadays. Very high quality and pretty beads.

Now I must depart, please be patient with, I am a bit scattered these days.

Love you all!


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