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Below is a post I wrote in groups a few minutes ago. I thought I would send it out as a blog so more people will see it and understand why I have raised the free shipping threshold.

Hi everyone, Sorry I have not been around for a couple days. I am busily sending out orders. The Treasure Bags sold out in record time. I thank you all for that. However, there are a lot of people that did not get one and are rather irritated with me...oops. Usually the amount I have been selling lasts several days. But, as I send out orders there are many multiple bag orders, more than usual, and many with 3 bags. So, this is why it is gone already. I don't have a problem with multiple bag orders, but I am finding that the shipping is killing me. This was a heavy bag. Two of them puts the buyer at the threshold for free shipping, which then costs me quite a bit per order. Three of them costs me half the price of a bag. Because I keep the prices low, my profit is low. Shipping is taking my profit. If it is small items, shipping isn't bad, but treasure bags tend to be heavy. I am telling you all this because, in order to continue with loaded bags at a reasonable price, I have to increase the free shipping threshold. I am a small company and do not get huge quantity shipping discounts, so I have to charge shipping fees and my fees are what I pay, I do not hike them up or charge handling fees. So, instead of raising the price of the treasure bags the free shipping threshold has been raised to $100.00. I hope you will understand. I am not doing this because of greed, I am finding with this bag, and all the multiple orders, that I cannot afford to continue offering the bags at the price I offer them at, unless I eliminate most of the free shipping. I am sorry for that. But I wanted to explain. Thank you again for your fabulous support and I hope this does not disappoint or discourage you from buying the bags in the future. Eternally grateful, Gina

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