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January Treasure Bags

Hello my lovely friends! I have been busily prepping for the January Treasure Bag. I hope to have it ready for release this Saturday. I will be sending notifications soon.

The bag will be called Midnight Blue. It will combine crystal clear, black, silver, Turquoise and Aqua shades, mixed with Gun Metal Findings. Some interesting new shapes and pretty Pendants are also included. This bag is exceptionally pretty. I think you will like it.😁

Just wanted to give a heads-up. Many people have been asking about the release date. I have included a picture of the prep. I will be posting a sneak peek soon.

I sincerely hope you had a spectacular holiday season. I can't wait to get creative with the new bag. I hope you will join me❤️

Eternally grateful for each of you,


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Nancy Fedewa
Nancy Fedewa
May 13, 2023

😍😍I am working today and will try to get on soon enough to order!! I am in Eastern time zone, so may be knee deep in clients by your 10:00 am, Good Luck to you, this bag looks lovely!!


So very bummed at Agricultural convention. Totally missed ordering January bags. It's so pretty.


Dang!!!, the January treasure bags sold out already? I missed the notice. Just saw it a few minutes ago. Love the beads in this bag. I am pretty much traumatized.

Jill Forseth
Jill Forseth
Jan 16, 2023
Replying to

I am right there with you 😒. I hate missing out on the tutorials. Trying to piece together other beads just doesn't work well. Totally bummed... Can't believe how fast this one sold out. Arg!!


Can’t wait!!


So pretty!

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