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About the Treasure Bags

Hello everyone,

First let me say that treasure bag #2 was a big success, thank you all for your support, again I appreciate each and every one of you!

The demand is getting a little bigger than I can handle on my own. I am going to make two hundred of the next one, as that is what I planned and ordered for. But, I have so many people interested I know that is not enough.

Making them on my own, it is difficult to make more than that.

However, I have had a few of my friends from my former job offer to help me. So, after the next box, which will be Christmas themed, I will plan for a much bigger batch. But, because I have to employ a few people the cost will have to go up or the amount of contents down.

I intend to always curate the boxes nicely, use quality products and have several full strands of beads and nice components in each bag. Honestly,

my profit margin is very low, as is. My question is, would you give me some feedback? Would you prefer to pay five to ten dollars more or would you prefer a lower price with less contents.

You see, this is all new to me. I did not think I would have so many people asking for the bags every day, even after the bag has been sold out for weeks.

So, I am asking for advice. I am hoping you all can tell me what you want to see happen with the boxes. I have so many wonderful friends here, I am hoping you will all help me figure out what to do. This was originally just a small venture to help me be able to quit my regular job and be home to help my mother as she battles cancer. But, it is a little more popular than I figured it would be. Some people have even become annoyed with me because the boxes are sold out before they get one. Or just heard about it an another YouTube channel and do not understand that it is a one woman operation.😬🙁☹️

The next box should be ready in late October, Early November. I am waiting On my order. It is always very slow coming. But when it does and I am almost ready, I will again send out emails to the members here and let you have the first shot at it, before the video airs. There are so many new people asking for release dates, preorders, and why I can’t just make more, and why they were not notified, and how come it’s always sold out on the website, and how to get on a list. I am not sure how to make everyone happy. I am a little stressed out about that. But, also so happy and grateful that the boxes are so well liked.

On another note, I am still working on tutorials for the last box and I have a couple designs, not box-related coming up too. With my mom’s treatment and spending as much time with her as possible, my tutorials come a little slower now. But, hopefully there will be more tutorials from other YouTubers as the box becomes more available. Of course, I will do them as quickly as I can.

I have been pretty stressed trying to figure out how to accommodate all the requests I have been getting. I am just asking for a little patience, I promise things will even out as I get a grasp on all the new responsibilities I have acquired recently.

Again please, please, please offer your advice…I need it!

Love you all!


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