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August 2022 update

Hi everyone, I hope your all having a great summer! It’s hot here in Colorado. I just spent a few days on the Western Slope, in Grand Junction, to celebrate mine and my Brother’s birthdays. We were born 2 years and 3 days apart. We like to celebrate together. It’s a beautiful place, Grand Junction, and we had a great time. My brother recently opened a new restaurant and bar and it was the first time I have seen it. Great food and beautiful atmosphere. It was a very nice break.

Anyway, I wanted to update, as the festivities have kept me away for a few days. I have not made a video or posted in groups much.

I am putting together a Treasure Bag, it will be released this weekend, if all goes well. I will send notifications with the specifics, of course. This one will be very limited in quantity. I am making two hundred bags. They will probably sell out quickly. But, I will have an Autumn themed bag in late September or early October that I will make 400 bags of.

This bag, the August bag, is a combination of items from earlier bags that I had an abundance of, or some items I ordered that I did not have enough of to put in the Summer Bling Fling Bag. So you will see some repeats, but they are all nice beads and having a few more might be a bonus for those who loved or missed that bag.

The colors will be similar to the Summer Bling Fling Bag, because, as I mentioned, they are beads meant for that bag. I have added some new colors and multi color strands to blend and freshen the theme. It will be called A Splash of Color or something like that. It is a special edition, that will help fill in the gap between the summer and Fall bags.

If interested, keep an eye out for notification, I will write a blog too.

Like I said, due to smaller amounts available, it will probably sell quickly.

Now, that I am back in town, I will try to get a tutorial up soon. I wish you all a happy summer! As always, I am eternally grateful for your continued support and encouragement!

Hugs, ❤️Gina

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