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January 2022 Treasure Bags Ready Saturday!

Hello, my favorite beading peoples! It's been a long time coming, with shipping the way it is lately, but it is finally here! The new Treasure Bag. I have named it 'Shiny New Year Treasure Bag'. I am putting together the last details and will enable the listing for sale on Saturday January 15th at 7 am Mountain time. The video will be release shortly after. I have increased the amount to 400.

So, hopefully, chances of getting one are higher for those who have missed out before.

I concentrated on including more actual beads this time and less metal components. In so doing, the number of items are fewer. Metal components are cheaper than beads, but I would just rather have fewer of them and more beads. But I believe it is a very pretty collection and I hope you will love it.

I will send out notifications, tomorrow evening and Friday night. I justed wanted all the members here to be the first to know. So get ready to bead! it's going to be some sparkly fun! A new bag for a new year.

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