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Sad News

Hi everyone, it saddens me to say that my beautiful mother, shown in the picture below, with me and my two brothers, has made the decision to discontinue chemo treatment and to enter into hospice care. The next few weeks will be very hard ones for me.

I know I just released a Treasure bag and need to make tutorials, but they may be delayed. I am very sorry.

This past week, trying to get 300 plus orders, packed, labeled and out and to the post office

has been pretty tough. I had a friend help label some orders when my mother was in the hospital, and so far, there has been several issues. I am sorry again, she just was not familiar enough with the shipping program and packing up orders to do this, I thought she was, I did train her, but evidently not.

So, if you have an issue please let me know I will try to get it resolved as quickly as I can. The majority of orders are fine, I packed and shipped them myself. And most all of her packages are fine too, but just incase there are more issues I wanted you all to know I will take care of them.

My mother will need full time care for the next few weeks, I intend to be the provider of that care. I promise to try my best to continue to take orders and ship them, but there may a delay getting them out too. But I will get to them as fast as I can. If you can wait a few weeks to place orders, that would be helpful.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and kindness during this time. You have been wonderful and have helped me tremendously. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience or mess up that has or will occcur with this last Treasure Bag. I know many of you have not received yours yet, but they are all in the mail now. I brought the last bunch to the post office early this morning.

It was a struggle this time, but I promise it won’t happen in the future. Right now my head is not in the game, and my heart is breaking.

With love and appreciation of each and every one of you,


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