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Summer Bling Fling Treasure Bag

Hi everyone, I decided to release the new treasure bag tomorrow morning at 7:00 am Mountain Time, I have sent notifications out with the break down of time zones, so check your email for that.

I know most everyone wanted the release tomorrow. But there were a few people who wanted me to wait until next week after they were paid. I always want to accommodate everyone. so, I am holding back 15 bags for special cases like that. If you miss the bag, you can send me a message on the website to see if I still have one. There will only be a few, this number allows for counting mistakes and bags for me and Aishu and Luisa and a few others I hold back for. So do not rely on getting one later, if you can get one now. I just want to make sure the ones who asked me, have a chance and know that I do care.❤️

I promised a sneak peak, I have included a picture here. I hope you like it!

The unboxing video will be released at the same time I enable the listing for the bag tomorrow morning.

Also, it will take me some time to get all these bags out, please know, I will move as fast as I can.

Love you all!


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