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Time change for the launch of January 2022 Treasure bag

Hello, My favorite beading people!

I have decided to change the time for the launch of the New Treasure bag to 7:oo am (Mountain Time) Saturday January 15th. I had originally set the launch time for 12:oo am because I wanted the listing ready for the publication of the video later in the morning. However, because so many people want to make sure to purchase a bag, they are staying up all night or setting alarms to make sure to get one. Especially those in eastern time zones. I feel like that is inconvenient and just mean for me to do. LOL. I don't want to be mean to any of my fabulous beading friends! So, the launch will be 7:oo am Mountain Time and the video will follow shortly after. It's just a much more reasonable time.

I have also enabled shipping to Canada, because I am not sure of the shipping cost to all regions, I will refund any over-charges.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support. I love every one of you!

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