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Treasure Bags!

Hey everyone, the Treasure bags are bagged up! Here’s my dilemma; I can post them this Sunday, but it’s short notification for all of those on the notification list. Also, I promised the dentist I used to work for, to fill in Monday through Thursday for an assistant that is going on vacation. So, I can list and sell them, but I cannot start posting them until the following Thursday. It will take several days after that to get them all sent out. So, my question is, to list on Sunday, knowing these issues, or to wait until Saturday July 2nd. What do you all think? If I post them on Sunday, I will do it about 8:00am Mountain time. Give me a little feedback, pretty please. I will do whatever the majority wants😁

After I take pictures and we all decide, I will write another blog with a sneak peek. The bag will be called Sumer Bling Fling. It will feature peach, white, purple and blue beads. I am happy with it, though it was another difficult order to get in. But we’ll discuss that later😬😁🤪♥️

Love you all!


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