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Treasure Bags Ready Saturday!

Hi everyone, I finally got my orders in. I am prepping the Treasure Bags Now.

They are Christmas Themed and there will again, be 200 of them. I am ordering for the bag after this one and there will 400, maybe 500 of them. So I am trying to increase with demand. But, I had placed this order for two hundred bags before I realized the demand was way beyond that number.

So please be patient with me, I will make the bags more attainable for everyone who wants one as the new year comes around. In the meantime, I may make a coupled "one hundred count" bags, to fill in the spaces. I, of course, will do tutorials for any and all Treasure Bags I make.

Anyway, head over to the website after midnight on Friday, Mountain time. ( I am in Colorado.) I should have enabled the listing by then. Just go to the treasure box page and place your order. I still cannot take preorders or hold any bags aside, so it is first come first serve. I am sorry about that, believe me, I would love to hold them aside for people, but there just isn't enough to do that, yet.

This is the first "heads up" that I promised members of the website. I will send out emails , probably Friday. Then my video will air Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Thank you all again for your support and encouragement. I really appreciated all the feedback I got on my last blog post and emailed to me. I read everything, I tried to respond to most all of them but I am sure I missed a few. But, every bit of feedback and advice is appreciated and considered 100%. It helps tremendously!

Love you all,

Don't forget to check the site Saturday!


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