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Treasure Box Number 2

Hi everyone, I am finally putting together the treasure boxes now, well they are actually bags this time. I have all the items ready and bagged, it is only a matter of dropping them in the bags and envelopes. I have gone ahead and listed them for those who want the first shot at ordering them before I make a video and post it.

This box is designed more for stringing and connecting than the last box. It contains a lot of components and 2 color palates, Smokey silvers and a lightly muted peach, blue, amber, brown, white mix. It contains gemstones, glass and crystal with platinum colored components And findings.

I will post the video soon, then tutorials will follow. I still have a couple tutorials to post for the first box. I was delayed in posting them as my mother was hospitalized last week. She is home Now, everything is okay, But it set me back some.

Anyway, if you are interested, check out the new box/bag. Touch the listing and you will see photos of the contents. If you like it, you can order now. Just know it will be a few days before I send them out.

Love you all! Enjoy your Sunday and I will see you on video soon, or actually, you will see me🤪

If you have any suggestions for the box or videos, please do not hesitate to offer them.😁💜❤️❤️💜

See ya soon,


Here is the link for the listing:

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