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Update on Treasure Box #2

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to update everyone on the progress of the next Treasure Box. I have had a lot of people Asking about them. Because, it is just me, by my little self, making these boxes, I do not intend to release one every month. But, if I can, I will. They will probably be every 2 months.

I am currently about 75 percent done with the next one. I am waiting for one more order, which is taking a very long time as it was delayed. Shipping is very slow at this point in time, only to get slower as the holidays approach. But hopefully with in the next week.

I intend to offer the box, first, to those I had to refund last time. That will be done by email. I then plan to send an email campaign to all the members of the website, so you will have first shot at it. Then, I will make the video and offer it to everyone.

This time I am making two hundred boxes, see how fast that goes, then maybe up my amount for the one after that. Because it is just me making these, two hundred is a lot. But, I am getting Better at planning and things should speed up in the future.

I intend to make this one in a bag, because putting together two hundred boxes, as they come to me unfolded, is just one more delay, it takes me hours to do that alone.

I like the box better, but I think it’s just not practical, at this point.

The next box will be geared more toward stringing and connecting. It will have gemstones and lots of components. I want to make each one very different from the last. But I think you will like it.

Anyway, thanks again for all the interest in the boxes. I promise it will be ready very soon!

Love to you all,


P.S. Mom is doing pretty well, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. She has been feeling better the last couple weeks.❤️💙💜

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