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Wrapping up the Treasure Bag week

Yes, it‘s been a long week! But so much fun too. I had a couple helpers, my friend Amanda, her daughter and my friend Whitney. We put together 400 bags and the made labels and posted them. Many hauls to the post office did not make my little friends at the post office happy to see me. I use a tiny local post office, two girls work the counter. They are usually so sweet and happy when I come in…not so much toward the end of this week. I don’t blame them! Ha! I will bring them cookies Monday. Cookies make everyone happy.🤪 But, it’s pretty well under control now, your packages should be arriving in the next few days, if they haven’t already. There are still about 50 bags in stock, if you want one or another one. I will be making tutorials this coming week. I just wanted to share a few pictures of our little Treasure Bag adventure week. Thought you might like to see the shenanigans!

Amanda being goofy, we were lost done bagging items…she was a little slaphappy🤪

Amanda and her daughter Haley

This is not even a quarter of the package, we filled up the entire sectional and two chairs. Posted them and then did it again! Now that’s a lot of beadies!

Anywhooo, just wanted to share. Love you all! Thank you for making this all possible!

My sincere gratitude to you all!


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