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Christmas Treasure Bags coming!

Hi everyone! I have been busily getting this months Treasure bag ready, I hope to have them all ready by Friday, Saturday by the latest. I want to get them out as fast as possible so we have plenty of time to make projects before Christmas. I have included a sneak peak picture here. I will be sending out notifications as soon as I know when the bag will be ready. I have one more strand to bag and include yet, I am hoping to have all the bags made Wednesday. By then I will know exactly when I will release it. I am hoping Friday evening at 5:00 Mountain time. That's what I am shooting for. That will allow me to work through the weekend with a little help from my friends, to get the bags out. So, that what's going on😁 I hope you like the sneak peek!

As always I am eternally grateful for all of you, your support and encouragement!

Sincerely, Gina

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