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The Treasure Boxes....

Hi everyone, thank you all so much for ordering and supporting my new endeavor! What a fabulous response I have had to the boxes. I did have a few issues with inventory tracking, there was a glitch. I thought I had filled all the orders, but had 20 more boxes on the shelf. So, I notified some of you who wanted the boxes, then suddenly a new page of orders, that was not previously visible, became visible. Oh Nooooo! I had to refund the orders I solicited. Sad day, hair pulling, clothes ripping, terrible tragedy! Again, I apologize for that.

I took care of that, then went to bed at three in the morning, woke up and there were 12 more orders! Oh Noooo! The inventory tracker showed that there were even 12 more in stock! Oh Man, more refunds. I am so sorry everyone. I am learning. I promise to have these issues completely addressed by the time I release the next box.

I filled orders all day and night last night. I have a few left to address. I will be ordering a postal pick up today. Your boxes will be on their way soon.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful support and understanding. The tutorials will be uploaded this week, so they are available for you when you get your box. I am ordering more beads for those tutorials, to sell individually, for those who want to do the tutorials, but did not get a box.

My next box I will make more! So more people can have one. It was an overwhelming response.

and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my overflowing heart!

You are all allowing me to stay home with my mother and help her during her time of need.

I will always be grateful!

I have received a lot of messages and comments, I am trying to keep up, my response is a little slow.

It is just me, by myself, trying to manage everything. You are all important to me, I promise to respond when I can. I truly want to stay in touch.

Thank you all!


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